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Healthy BDSM


BDSM is Good for Your Mental Health and Science Can Prove It!

When I first meet someone I don’t often tell them that I’m a dominatrix because I don’t want to deal with the shock that usually accompanies such an announcement. You can literally see the questions and concerns floating through their head, mainly, “OMG, is she a psychopath?” I’d like to think that Iā€™m not, in fact I consider myself quite mentally fit, and thank goodness the latest science is there to back me up.

Great BDSM Guides + Toys
Thee great guides for beginners, and for more advanced users, plus their awesome range of fetish toys (

In a study published in the Journal …

Puppy Play – Are you a good boy?


Are You A Good Boy? Why So Many Newbies Are Turning To Puppy Play.

A fun way for any kinkster to explore their ultra naughty side, the puppy play scene is attracting lots of new players both gay and straight, men and women, and they’re loving how much fun puppy play can be. Pup and handler together, it’s a fun, sexy pairing that lets couples explore the fetish world without any of the worries that diving into bondage and other BDSM play can bring. Is puppy play right for you? Read below to see why so many people are wagging their tails and see if you’re ready to strap on collar and leash.

What is animal play? Animal roleplay wikipedia