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Let’s Get Knotty


Let’s Get Knotty! All about rope tying.

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When you’re playing in my dungeon chances are that I’ll have you tied up in some sort of configuration, I just love rope! There are lots of misconceptions about rope tying, and let me tell you that done properly it can be entirely safe and a lot of fun. You don’t need to be an expert to get started and just about anyone can do it, it doesn’t require any particular body shape or flexibility.

A definite impediment to rope bondage is the vocabulary, it can definitely sound a bit overwhelming. But with this quick list you’ll be able to join in any conversation …

Beginners guide to BDSM terms


Class is in Session and the teacher is STRICT!

A beginners guide to common BDSM terms

Bondage domination sadism masochism -the four cornerstones of BDSM play, and quite frankly a little overwhelming, hence the acronym. And that’s just the beginning of the terminology involved when you want to start exploring the painfully exciting world of BDSM fetishes.

When you step into my dungeon I don’t want to take time to teach you the ins and outs, and not knowing something could lead to some dire consequences at my hands, so brush up and study hard so you can come prepared for your pleasure session with this handy list of the most basic BDSM terms!

Mistress Jean’s Glossary of BDSM terms

What to Look For When You Buy a Paddle

sex paddle

What to Look For When You Buy a Paddle

There’s nothing like paddle shopping with one of your friends to realise how little most people know about impact play and getting spanked. My girlfriend has just read Fifty Shades of Grey and decided that she’s got a lurking dominatrix deep within her and as a good friend I’m along for the ride, ready to guide her through what are a surprising amount of misconceptions.

Mistakenly my gf was sure that picking out a paddle just meant stopping by the local adult store and grabbing one, little did she know that paddles come in all sorts of sizes, materials, and shapes, and these factors dramatically impacts the paddle’s effect. Some will …